Wish List

Gift cards are the gift that keep on giving!

Donating gift cards is a wonderful, easy, and unique way to help youth living in our group homes at Virginia Home for Boys and Girls. Getting out into the community and learning to shop for things they need helps them learn the essential life skills needed such as budgeting their money and prioritizing their needs.  This also helps them feel a sense of normalcy and dignity when getting to pick things out themselves.  Like all of us, our youth have favorite colors, favorite textures, favorite brands, and so on. Would you like to provide a shopping experience for a youth? We serve many teenagers that would love to shop for new clothing items, back-to-school shoes, or just new things of their own. Rack Room Shoes gift cards allow kids to try on and pick out the right size shoe. TARGET covers a variety of needs from clothes to school supplies. Any gift card would be greatly appreciated!

Reach out to Sara Zaharfy (SZaharfy@vhbg.org) for more info on how you can help.

Thank you!

A group of five university students move into their shared flat , and start to unpack boxes. they all stand and pose for the camera.

Independent Living Program Needs

Our Independent Living program for young adults is in constant need of home furnishings to set up living spaces. We have an IL Commons where youth socialize and take Independent Living classes and apartments where young people live. Items needed are similar to setting up a college dorm room or someone's first apartment. 

Kitchen Table For GCS

Group Care Services Needs

Our group homes can house up to eight youth and contain all the elements one would expect in any home. Meals are prepared in their kitchen and they eat at their own dining table. Youth can study in their rooms, play games and socialize in comfortable family rooms. Household items typical to any home are always a need.

IMG 5155 JGW Football

John G. Wood School Needs

Generally, our school supply list matches that of the Henrico County Public School lists. In addition to school and art supplies, we do specifically need books for recreational reading that include cultural diversity,  laptop computers, and sports-related equipment.