Who we are

An Overview

At Virginia Home for Boys and Girls (VHBG), we have been dedicated to helping youth in crisis since 1846. While we began as an orphanage, we now provide an array of mission-aligned services for young people, families, and the community. As a nonprofit organization, we offer a range of services to support young people with emotional and behavioral health concerns, including transitional living, specialized education, and therapeutic resources.
While public funding covers some of the costs associated with providing trauma-informed care, it is not enough. Nearly half of our budget relies on philanthropic donations and other sources of income. We greatly value the support of our donors and community volunteers, who play a critical role in helping us meet the needs of those we serve.

What We Believe

We believe that every young person deserves love, nurture, and acceptance for who they are, embracing their unique authentic identities. We believe in the resilience of children, youth, and families, and we are confident in their ability to succeed regardless of the challenges they have faced in the past.

Throughout their journey to success, we understand the power of encouragement, protection, and a sense of belonging that comes from supportive relationships with caring adults in safe environments. We believe that building strong relationships is the first step towards overcoming the effects of individual and systemic trauma. By providing young people and families with relationships, teaching, coaching, and future planning, we guide them on their path to independence.

Our Mission

Virginia Home for Boys and Girls’ mission is to help children from across Virginia with emotional and behavioral health concerns by facilitating the healing process using a teaching-family approach. The trauma-informed care youth receive in VHBG’s transitional living program, independent living apartments, specialized K-12 school, and therapeutic resource center restores hope to them and their families who then find the courage to thrive.

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Our Evolution

Since 1846, when we were founded as the Richmond Male Orphan Society, Virginia Home for Boys and Girls has provided enduring care, stability, and support to generations of Virginia’s youth who have experienced trauma. We continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of young people.

Richmond Male Orphan Society chartered by the General Assembly of Virginia.
Name changed to Richmond Home for Boys.
Home moved to its present location in Henrico County.
Gymnasium constructed.
John G. Wood School alternative school opened.
Name changed to the Virginia Home for Boys.
Youth Emergency Shelter opened to serve boys and girls needing crisis care.
First day student from Henrico County’s Department of Social Services arrived at JGW.

New shelter building constructed at present location on Pump Road.
JGW took the lead in forming the Richmond Alternative School Sports League (RASSL)which continues to thrive today.
Four girls began attending JGW.
Teaching-Family Model of care adopted as our residential program model.
First of six Teaching Family Homes built specifically to TFM standards.
Girls were admitted to the residential program.
Name changed to the Virginia Home for Boys and Girls.
New JGW building was constructed.

JGW expanded to include Wood II, self-contained classrooms with a 1-5 teacher-student ratio.
Enrollment of the first kindergarten through fifth-grade students began the elementary program.
And, a Therapeutic Resource Center is added.
Independent Living Arrangement opened in four townhouses on campus to serve youth aging out of the foster care system ages 17-21.
Pride Place at VHBG opened in two houses on campus to serve LGBTQ+ young adults ages 18-25 with short term, temporary housing.

Opened an additional house to serve marginalized young adults ages 18-25 experiencing a housing emergency.

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