Independent Living

VHBG meets the needs of young adults facing housing instability

VHBG’s Independent Living Arrangment and Housing Services are for young people ages 17-25 who are eager to learn how to live independently but are facing housing instability due to life circumstances.

Knowing that healthy relationships are the first step to overcoming the effects of trauma, each young person engaged with VHBG works directly with a caseworker who provides support, coaching, and encouragement throughout the duration of the services.
See below for additional information about VHBG's different tranitional housing services for young adults. 


Independent Living Arrangement

VHBG’s ILA is a program licensed by the VDSS for young people who are transitioning out of the foster care system ages 17-21 and is coordinated with Fostering Futures, which provides some funding. They may be single or they may be pregnant and/or have their young child(ren) residing with them in the program.

Temporary Housing

VHBG provides Independent Living for young people ages 18-25 who are not connected to VDSS but are facing homelessness due to a variety of challenges and need short-term temporary housing. In the first seven days, IL participants will set benchmark goals with their caseworker to achieve stable housing. Each benchmark achievement potentially allows for 30-day extensions as needed to find permanency. 

Pride Place at VHBG

Pride Place at VHBG is an affinity group for young adults who identify as LGBTQ+ . We’re able to designate housing exclusively for LGBTQ+ youth if needed and if available.  We’re accepting of youth with multicultural backgrounds who speak different languages and have experience with young people from other countries.