Group Homes

We provide safe housing, guidance, and access to resources to young people in need

Different from many Group Homes, the Group Homes at VHBG are licensed by the Department of Social Services. VHBG Group Homes offer a supportive environment to help overcome trauma, form healthy relationships, with the goal of transition successfully to a more permanent setting. Our services include life skill development, conflict resolution, informed decision-making, recreational activities, nursing, and psychiatric services.

The Group Homes at VHBG are funded through local CSA funds and are Accredited through the Teaching-Family Association and CARF. To make a referral please email all pertinent information to, or call, 804-806-5747

Helpful lnformation


VHBG is accredited by CARF for its Group Care Services program. By pursuing and achieving this designation, VHBG has demonstrated that it meets international standards for quality and is committed to pursuing excellence.


VHBG is accreditated as a Teaching-Family Model for its Group Care Services program. TFA accreditation is the only accreditation available that demonstrates quality programming. 

Group Care Services Flyer

This printable flyer, contains more details about our Group Care Services program.

Client Handbook

Written with input from current residents, this handbook gives new and prospective residents information that will help them live comfortably at VHBG.