Group Care Services

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Welcome to VHBG’s Group Care Services
A program for youth ages 11-17 who are in transition to their next best level of care

VHBG is approved as a Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP) effective January 30, 2021 by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Social Services Division of Family Services.VHBG is also accredited by CARF for its Group Care Services program. By pursuing and achieving these designations, VHBG has demonstrated that it meets international standards for quality and is committed to pursuing excellence.

VHBG serves youth from all over Virginia, many may not even know where Henrico County is located. Imagine the anxiety/stress of being told you’re going to live somewhere else…where you don’t know the people, the area, or what’s going to happen to you. It can be scary and confusing. With this in mind, we offer the following video. What youth can learn from this video is that they can expect a nurturing, family-style environment in a safe, beautiful, parklike neighborhood. For some youth, this might be their first experience living in a group home and we hope this video can put some of the myths associated with group homes away. VHBG is a place to begin to heal as they transition back home or to a new, permanent home. We hope you’ll find this virtual tour video our way of showing what youth can hope to experience here at Virginia Home for Boys and Girls.

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VHBG is licensed by the Department of Social Services and aims to create the most natural environment for our youth that still provides them with the support they need to overcome past trauma, build relationships, and work on transitioning to a more permanent environment. We work directly with the youth’s agency that placed them with us (typically the city or county department of social services) to make decisions that are in their best interest. Youth are able to leave our campus to spend time with their families, attend summer camps, gain employment, and participate in other extracurricular activities. We have been able to give the youth who come here the opportunity to have a childhood and experience the joy in life.

Our group care services are unique. Our group homes are located on a 30+ acre park-like campus in Henrico County, Virginia. This neighborhood setting provides ample space for quiet walks or exciting ball games on our fields. Summertime includes swimming in our pool or grilling out in our picnic pavilion.  The campus also holds a full gymnasium, baseball field, tennis and volleyball courts.

VHBG is certified to use the highly successful evidence-based Teaching-Family Model of care. Trained Youth Counselors use this model with a goal to help youth transition to foster care, adoption, or back to their biological family. A team of caring Youth Counselors guides and engages youth through their daily activities and uses an approach of Positive Behavioral Support. This approach is more interested in the “why” behind the behavior in order to better understand the underlying need of the youth and overcome maladaptive ways of meeting those needs.

Teaching-Family Homes can house up to eight youth and contain all the elements one would expect in any home. Teaching-Families prepare their meals in their kitchen and eat at their own dining table. Youth can study in their rooms, play games and socialize in comfortable family rooms and learn to interact appropriately in a family setting. Youth learn to develop skills associated with frustration tolerance, anger and or aggression management, healthy decision-making, conflict resolution and age-appropriate living.

Through the establishment of safe, therapeutic relationships, practitioners implementing the Teaching-Family Model seek to instill core values that speak to the healthy individual, healthy relationships, and incorporation into the surrounding community.

Group Home services include:

  • Social and problem-solving skill development
  • Identification of anger and frustration tolerance
  • Healthy conflict resolution skills
  • Individualized treatment planning to meet specific needs of youth, including academic development, behavioral concerns, therapy, community involvement, permanency planning and family integration
  • Recreational activities and community service projects
  • On-site nursing services
  • Independently contracted psychiatric services
  • Coordinated medical and clinical services
  • Age-appropriate Independent Living preparation experiences

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Transitional Living
“I just wanted to say thank you for all you did for James while he was in your care. He progressed more at VHBG than he has in any other placement for a very long time and I’m sure that is due in no small part to the efforts you and the rest of the staff put in. Please share my thanks with everyone. He is doing well in his current foster home and making plans for when he turns 18.”