Admissions Specialized Education

Our school provides students with a full academic curriculum in addition to therapeutic elements to help them grow more confident in their abilities.


5:1 student-teacher ratio.

Daily communication with parents/guardians 

A multi-purpose room creates a calm, relaxed, sensory experience along with warm and inviting home-like classrooms.

Technology is accessible and includes a modern Promethean board.

Weekly cooperative learning activities centered around social-emotional leadership to support interpersonal skills.

Outdoor and indoor tactile exercises.

Yoga class nurtures mindfulness in students.

Middle & High School

8:1 student-teacher ratio.

Programs addressing behavioral, social, emotional, and academic needs.

Full academic curriculum with ability to earn or work toward a Standard, Alternative, or General Education Diploma (GED).

CTE/ ISAEP /GED programs.

Blended learning in core academic and elective classes via Edgenuity.

Richmond Alternative School Sports League is available (RASSL)


5:1 student to teacher ratio is small and accommodates individual learning styles.

Separate classrooms designed to meet students’ individual needs requiring more intensive social, emotional, behavioral, and academic support.

Individual counseling as needed to support social and emotional growth.

Virginia Alternative Assessment Program (VAAP) instruction provided.

Extended School Year

For middle and high school students.

An opportunity to enjoy new and different learning experiences.

Add to knowledge and skills.

Strengthen weaknesses in a subject.

Obtain skills in order to be better prepared for their academic coursework during the regular school year.