Who We Are

Virginia Home for Boys and Girls (VHBG) is a nonprofit organization that has been serving children in crisis since 1846. Program fees paid for with public dollars only cover a portion of what is needed to provide the trauma-informed care children in crisis require. Nearly 50% of VHBG’s budget is supported by philanthropic dollars and other sources of income. Community volunteers play a critical role in supporting the organization’s needs.

Our Mission

At VHBG, our mission is to help children across Virginia with emotional and behavioral health concerns by facilitating the healing process using a relationship-based, cognitive behavioral approach. The trauma-informed care youth receive in our group homes, independent living apartments, specialized K-12 school (John G. Wood), and therapeutic resource center restores hope to them and their families who then find the courage to thrive.

What We Believe

We believe all children deserve to grow up surrounded by a loving, nurturing family. All children deserve encouragement, protection, and a sense of belonging that comes from supportive adult relationships in a healthy family environment and a safe supportive community. After all, a healthy family is critical to every child’s ability to live a successful life.

…a message from VHBG President, Claiborne Mason: